Hey everyone! Welcome to my home away from home.

This is where all the ish from my mind surrounding health; mentally, physically, spiritually is dumped for you to shovel through. Don’t worry. I like to keep it brief.

My name is Alex and I am a black vegan. In my community it is still a privilege to practice the vegan lifestyle. People still assume that I am doing it because I saw it in a magazine, or I want to lose weight, or I was talked into it by someone.

As a Black man I already get enough flack for not fulfilling the stereotype of what it means to be Black. Now to top it off I have a lifestyle that doesn’t involve fried chicken AND I shop at Whole Foods.

My hope for my site is to spark radical thought and lead people to a new lifestyle that adds to their experiences instead of limiting them.

People are meant to evolve. Evolution of mind, body and soul cannot be achieved if we are mired by our limiting beliefs of what is possible.

I am a free thinker who wants us to be free in every way. Why not start with your health?!

You can reach me at ligon55@gmail or ligonconcepts@gmail.com

Wishing you the best