Where are your goals?

First off. I want you to be great this year!

Everyday. Be the greatest you can be in whatever you do.

Ok. Now I’m done with that real moment. I will proceed to give you ways of getting things done.

“Things not pondered on will become things forgotten.”

For the past year I have been working on building myself and my herbal business. It has been very trying to say the least. I am at a point where I can see what I did wrong before and how to autocorrect. I hope these lessons finds you when your mind is open.

Look where you are going

If you’re a driver you know the saying that you look where you want to go if you are losing control. As you focus your attention to that spot on the side of the road your body naturally will start to pull the steering wheel that way.

Same thing could be said about snowboarding. I recently went snowboarding and the same message was emphasized. Look where you want to go.

That’s me up there trying to dodge people on the kiddie slopes.

But what you also notice above is that I am not staring at the camera. Even though my friend is trying his best to get this candid I had a job to do. I am focused on my movements so that I get down the hill in one piece.

If you ain’t got the time to go to the snow to learn this lifelong lesson here it is.

If you want to go anywhere in life you must see yourself going in that direction.

As of late I have been listening to Daymond John, FUBU/ ‘Visualize’ album/ Shark Tank investor. He has a goal setting system that I have been using that took me to the most uncomfortable places in my life. This uncomfortable feeling was brought on because I actually had to sit myself down, pen in hand and ask myself hard questions. To top that I had to be completely honest about what I wanted and cut the items out that didn’t serve me any longer. Now, I have placed my goals in places where I can quickly read them in the morning and night. I separated them by 6month, 1year, 5year, 10year time limits. My mental bandwidth has shot through the roof. Less baggage= more room to move freely in life. I think that’s what it did for me. I know it can for everyone.

I even went further and looked up the successful black celebrities and what they use to stay on course.

Steve Harvey! Even he has this way of keeping his goals present. He uses the wallpaper on his phone to show him what he wants in his life.

So I did this…

And this

This is my way of fusing two versions of keeping your dreams on the forefront of your mind.

Now, whenever I check my phone I can see my goals and aspirations.

Research was done by Asurion which stated that we check our phone about 96 times a day back in November 2019. I know this number has gone up.

This is a useful way to make your goals appear more often on the regular. With repetition comes mastery.

Be a master at knowing your goals and focusing on them.

That’s all for now.

I wish you all a spectacular second quarter of the year.

Dont let it slip by.

Grab it!


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