La Corona

This corona thing has really shined a light on the fact that we are not as clean as we thought we were.

Clean not only on the outside. Washing our hands and cleaning our bodies regularly.

There is also being clean in regard to internally.

With corona virus being a big thing right now I can see why so many fear for their lives.

You don’t know how this thing came upon us. We don’t know what to do right now to make this go away sooner. And there is also an added fear promoted by the media that the government will go into chaos and the military will take to the streets to enforce marshal law.

Even amidst all this doom and gloom there is always something we can do. Here is a guide for the three types of person out there dealing with this crisis.

There is The YOLO, The Confident, and the Fearful


These guys and gals may or may not be in the best state of health and may or may not carry the best hygienic practices for preventative care. If they make it out unscathed by this virus then they will attribute their health to the fact that it wasn’t their time.

The Confident

These individuals are very confident in their ability to resist the virus because they have been preparing for times like this intentionally or unintentionally by practicing a healthy lifestyle. When observing how long they have been practicing the healthy lifestyle one would see that it varies. Some people have been living consciously for a month while others were living this way for years.

The Fearful

These individuals watch the news quite often and are not confident in their or family’s ability for resisting the virus. And for good reason. They are aware of the lifestyle they lived so far and the current state of their immune systems. They are fearful because even without the virus being a factor the state of their health was on the verge of a crisis daily. They may also be completely influenced by the media that has broadcasted doom for the past month.

Action Plan

To begin I must advise that there is a base level of lifestyle changes we all must make.

Eat more sulfurous veggies (Fart smelling veggies)

These fart smelling vegetables contain sulfur compounds that help your body fight off unwanted microbes, bacteria, and viruses. Look up antibacterial medications like penicillin and you will find they have sulfur too. There is a reason.

Eat more fruits

Fruits are high in polyphenols. Ever heard of Resveratrol?

That is one of many polyphenols found in fruits People have linked this particular polyphenol to a longer lifespan. Just so you know you can get it from blueberries and grapes too. No need in becoming an alcoholic because that defeats the purpose.

Wash your hands

Simple ass rule. Grown ass adults. And people still have to be reminded. Come on y’all!

Drink more water.

Dehydration limits your bodies ability to function properly. You need water to live. Cant stress it enough to drink water. Its more important than food.

Now for each category

The YOLO’s

I know you think you are invincible but not everyone around you is. As a person with a healthy and strong immune system it does not render you impregnable. The virus could enter your system but it could be dormant. So you could be essentially a carrier of the virus. Like spilling coffee on a brown shirt. It may be invisible but others can still catch a whiff because it is still there.

You are a risk to others so your main job is to restrict your interactions. As the virus makes its way through your body it does not mean you cannot be reintroduced to the virus. Every time you catch it and spend time with people you will unknowingly pass it on to the next person.

The Confident

Like the YOLO’s, your concern will be more about maintaining your healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on avoiding those who are immune-compromised. Anyone that you know who is old, young, living with a weak immune system, or recently sick should never spend time with you in close proximity. And don’t forget that the more you exhaust your reserves the more susceptible you become to feeling the wrath of the virus.

The Fearful

Your immune system is most likely compromised. You should stay home. No one will take your health as seriously as you do. Work on getting back to health. Increase intake of the water, fruits, veggies, and take more herbal teas to help with cravings for meat, starchy carbs, and junk food. You may also consider not eating as much as before. The less work your body has to do to process food the more it can work to get rid of pathogens that may have entered your body.

This is a short list and there is a ton more info to have but I wanted to start off light without the science heavy info.

I will keep you posted on more ways to bolster yourself against this virus and more in depth science relating to COVID-19.

If you are ready to dive deep into science and get your brain crankin you should check out the teacher KTthearchdegree on Youtube and Patreon. He is a down to earth teacher with a ton of knowledge that will help all of us get back to our ancestral ways of healing our bodies and communities.

I will catch y’all later.

#health #blackhealth


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