Happy Black History Month!

Happy Black History Month everyone!

Just like the short month we got we also got the short end of the stick regarding health.

You know the whole being kidnapped and taken to a foreign land where all the food and resources were kept away from us. Yeah that short end. And while people will try to plead the case about at least we got a month I say it is not about getting the month. It is more about the idea that someone can kick your ass and give you a ribbon for being able to take a beating. That’s not enough for me.

I think we as black people need to continue to do more.

No matter what happens to us we rise from the rubble. Unfortunately, rising from rubble is not enough. We must rise and thrive. Constantly searching for ways to get closer to our perfect version of ourselves. You must be your best friend and your own critic.

So let’s be real and search our memory banks for instances where we could have strived for more.

The healthiest things in life are free! (should be at least)

So what isn’t free we must work for.

It is what it is.

We as black people should be the longest living people on earth with our genetics being closer to the original people of this earth. In my opinion we can do better with ourselves and with each other.


I base all of this info on anecdotal or personal experiences. I’m sure there is a study or a scholarly journal that says everything I am saying but this is off the cuff. Heart on sleeve.

Get Smart

I have observed amongst our people we don’t slap our family members upside the head enough. Figuratively speaking.

(My Wife and Kids….I love that show and milk dud head Junior)

MWAK trending wife, and, kids, dumb, kyle, kyles, mike, michael, jr, junior, note, notes, notepad, pen, pad, bed, george, gore, damon, wayons, coffin, funeral, dead, granny, grandma, slap, head, slapped, smack, cough, awake, television show GIF

Source: Gfycat

So this BHM I have decided to do just that. Slap my people upside the head with truth this month. I would also urge you all to do the same. No black person left behind!

We have become so advanced as a human race no ethnicity on this planet should suffer from the diseases caused by lifestyle and laziness.

Here are the top ideas for my people that are still important

1. Help one another.

How many times have you been down and out and you felt bad for asking for help from your brother or sister?

How often do you talk down or belittle the people who look like you?

We would be way farther in life if we found ways to help those who are apart of your immediate community.

Give a person who looks like you a handout. Give them your time. Give them a ride. If you got it like that get them a job.

It doesn’t matter. As long as you help black people when you can.

Unless they are no good or in some devilment. Those people cant get nothing from me til they get some actright!

2. Choose a path towards plant-based consumption.

When was the last time you jumped out the bed on a Monday and it felt like a Wednesday? (Wednesdays are my FAVORITE day of the week.)

That’s how it has been for me for years. My body feels like its firing on all cylinders and ready to conquer the day. My reason is three pronged.

Going vegan


Eating less

All these in that order. When you go vegan you begin to realize you are capable of doing things you never thought possible. You get so bold that eventually you can go a day without eating and still whoop some ass if someone tried you. Then you realize you cant be whooping ass if you are weighed down by all the tofu you like eating so you cut back on it to float like a butterfly….

Im kidding a little bit but you get it. You get it….

3. Express the God within you.

When was the last time you felt like a cog in a wheel? Don’t say today cause you still got time to solve that.

Create something! Do something you love to do for 5 min! I like working with my hands and flexing my mental muscle so I read and I play guitar.

Every damn day you should be creating your life. Creating moments. Creating new experiences. Creating art. Creating connections. Anything!

I like to think like our creator gave us all magic to use everyday and the more you use it the more you get. No one is going to put food on your plate if its full already.

In short, Black people all over the globe need to start practicing these ideals asap.

Do something today that you can humble brag about tomorrow.

#blackhistorymonth #blackpower #blackhealth

And if you need help with anything reachout to me at

Web: ascendantremedies.com

IG: ascendantremedies or Black_pow3rranger

FB: Alexander Ligon

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