I thought we knew this?

I thought we as a people knew the actions to take, and what not to take, to keep ourselves healthy and happy.

I thought we knew we need water everyday.

I thought we knew that fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains were the things that can cure our bodies from disease.

I thought we knew there are lots of pollutants around us that we need to avoid like chlorine, PCBs, Heavy Metals, and radiation.

I thought we knew that the mindset you have and the emotions you carry day in day out can lift you up or bring you down. These invisible factors have just as much impact on your health as the food you take into your body.

We are capable to reverse the sickness that is in our lives and we don’t have to do it alone.

Reach out to those who support you.

Don’t have a support group? Email us and we would be happy to help!


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