No one wants to know this.

Why must we fall for the same traps year in and year out?

– That New Years’ promise

– That goal to run a mile

– That goal to reduce you cholesterol

All of these things carried on the broad shoulders of HABIT.

And even those shoulders can hold so much.

We all have habits.

I am no different.

I like wine. I like Cat videos and I like proving people wrong.

These are my habits.

What are yours?

And when you tell me your habits I can tell you why you are where you are.

Habits effect your personality, your preferences, and your health.

If you want to take a step up to a higher state just ask yourself

“Why do I like doing ____?”

There are no wrong answers. You wont become a horrible person for acknowledging your habits, good or bad. I argue that you can only become better as a person if you accept that you are who you are at this current time. From there you have established a baseline. A foothold for climbing this treacherous mountain we call life.

And at times you will falter but if your goal remains fixed in your heart you will find comfort in the bruises because they made you stronger.

Always rooting for you all.


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