In a Nutshell…tres

The absence of health mentally is due to the following:


Unrealistic expectations

Looking for love




In our current technological world we have begun to take our humanity for granted.

     Exile: verb; to separate from country, home, etc.

Here is my last point driving home that we need to be kinder to ourselves and lookout for others.

If you were given a chance to look at the world around you what would you see?

I know what I see. When riding the BART or walking briskly on the street around my home, it has become a rarity that people will go out of their way to say “Hi” to me. At times it is hard enough for them to look up from their phones to dodge oncoming traffic.

This has become our everyday version of exile or I like to compare it to solitary confinement.

The distance we have created with the dependence on technology has brought us to a point where our social behaviors start to become questionable. And as soon as the isolation takes hold its hard for us to get back to neutral.

Solitary confinement

In reading a 2006 paper exploring the effects of solitary confinement on prisoners, I started to see similarities between the world behind bars and outside of them. The author of this paper is Dr. Stuart Grassian, a board certified psychiatrist, who builds a case for why solitary confinement is unethical for people to experience. In the paper he lists the following effectson over 200 prisoners when they were isolated in solitary confinement.

  1. Hyperresponsivity to external stimuli (1/2 the group)
  2. Perceptual distortions (1/3 the group)
  3. Panic attacks (1/2 the group)
  4. Difficulties thinking
  5. Intrusive Obsessive Thoughts (almost 1/2 the group)
  6. Paranoia (almost 1/2 the group)
  7. Impulse control (less than 1/2 the group)
  8. And more…

Also, it is a great tool for POWs in brainwashing.  😉

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? This is happening around us!

   Don’t tell me you didn’t act like you got a phone call just as you saw your coworker walk on to the train!

   Don’t tell me you didn’t like 17 posts on Instagram but as soon as one of those people hit you up… you go offline!

I’m not saying all people will succumb to the ill effects of such treatment and ultimately turn into a psychiatric patient. What I am saying is that our world is making it easier and easier for people to live without physical interaction with people.

The more we distance ourselves from each other the harder it is to maintain mental health.

   Its like living with rubber gloves on.

   Or using two cans and a string to make a phone call.

   Sometimes its like being behind bulletproof glass.


Lets all do what we can for our fellow man, brothers and sisters, coworkers, and friends.

Bring people into your fold.

Embrace each other with your presence.

Wave to a stranger.

Take a moment to check on family members or engage in “pointless” conversation with your local grocery store cashier.

Because what you see as “pointless” may be a turning point for you both.


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