Once again I will provide a short, brief, concise health plan that will get most people in the best health of their lives.

Here it is in a fastest manner posisble.

1. Drink clean water. At least a gallon a day or the equivalent of 16 cups.

If you think its hard just think of how many of our disposable cups in the office actually hold around two cups. So if you drink 8 of those cups in a day then you will be better off than not trying.

2. Follow this order when loading your plate for eating.

First: Load up the foods with natural colors first like leafy greens, strawberries, or any fruit or vegetable.

Second: Add a grain. Brown rice, millet, quinoa, teff, etc. all these still have their fiber and nutrients intact. Longer to digest but thats what you want. Feel fuller longer then you wont eat as much= lose fat.

Third(optional): Add any extras like plant based meat or legumes

Fourth: Take some time to chew your food. Get to know the flavors. Check in with your body to see how you feel when you eat certain foods. Depending on how you feel you can eat more of or avoid specific foods that you recognize has an effect on you.

3. If all else fails and you don’t know what to eat then don’t eat.

Once you are hungry you will get a craving for something.

If you need more help reach out and we can work on your meal plan.

I have been a carnivore in the past and now I have been a vegan for over 4+ years.

I have been on both sides so you won’t find the guilt trip here! I just want to help people get back to and maintain their health.

Have you ever had the perfect meal? What did you feel after eating it? What advice do you have for the community to help realize a healthy lifestyle?

Thanks for thinking,


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