Feed Feed Feed

You gotta feed to grow right?

Babies need milk. Adults need food. Trees need CO2. We all need a source of fuel to continue to grow.

This same thing can be said about disease.

“Disease in my opinion is a life form on its own.”

And like all organisms, disease needs to consume in order to live.

Take away the source of fuel, it will cease to live.

I work with petri dishes/agar plates that are on occasion filled with bacteria. Sometimes there are none found on the plates and at times there are many. There are different types of plates out there which have varying concentrations of nutrients that bacteria needs to grow, for example, sugar.

While on the other hand there are some plates that have antibiotics in them which prevents the growth of specific bacteria. When the bacteria starts to grow on a specific plate it shows that whatever the bacteria needed to live was present in the plate.

The more I saw these bugs grow on the plates I realized that there is a parallel between bugs on a petri dish and the bugs in the human body. And We are in control of what we put into our bodies that may or may not feed disease.

What they need to survive?

In an effort to better understand my body, and other’s, I put myself through experiments with food to observe what disease states manifest on certain diets.

  • When I have too much alcohol I get congested with mucus, I breakout with pimples, and I feel very tired.
  • When I eat too much sugar my throat starts to tingle. If I continue to eat sweets, I will get a sore throat.
  • When I eat foods high in fat or sodium I get very lethargic and my mind feels a little foggy.

Yes, Its that easy to get a disease. Acne, Strep Throat, Dementia/Alzheimer’s. Think of them as organisms and what they feed on is excess alcohol, sugar, salt, and fat.

But the great news is that its just as easy to reverse them! To do this, follow this one RULE to rule them all:

“Consume what your body needs first.”

  • If you want that wine drink water first.
  • If you want dessert eat your veggies first.
  • If you want that Chinese takeout, wait for the weekend where you will have time to recover from it.

Doing whats good for you first will always payoff in the end. It will also protect you from harm when you slip up and end up eating at McDonald’s for a couple of days.

If 5 out of 7 days you ate healthy you will be doing better than the folks who eat crap 365 days a year.

Do your best as often and as long as you can because we are all human. You will end up better for it.

Have you seen any positive or negative changes to your life when you added or removed something from your life? Let me know.

Thanks for reading,


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