Obesity’s biggest enemy.

Is it weird how some lose weight almost effortlessly and others struggle to move the scale by a couple of hairs? Why is that?

I believe that it is because of unresolved issues in the persons life.

I have known a number of obese or overweight people. Unanimously, they all have a mindset which tells them that some area in their life was controlled by a person outside of themselves. Thanks to this outsider they were not able to live their fullest life and make the best decisions for themselves.

Do not tell me you haven’t heard the blame game going on! The biggest users of this faulty paradigm are normally the heaviest among us. I have heard stories (complaints) of…

  • Boyfriends leaving Girlfriends (“She is too hot for me now”)
  • Wives cheating on Husbands (“You came already!”)
  • Sisters stealing from Sisters (“Don’t do better than me or imma fuck your shit up!”)

And so it goes. Every single one of them had an issue with weight loss.

So then I ask the following questions:

  • Do they want to lose weight?
  • Are they able to acknowledge that they can change themselves?
  • Have they always been obese?

If any of these are a “No” I would get more background on their issues.

But on a surface level, as a bystander, I would draw the conclusion that they don’t want to be at a healthy weight.

I would assume that they don’t see anything wrong with it or that they have some deep seated resentment towards someone that they are not able to deal with. Due to this buried emotion they bury themselves in different ways. They inadvertently use their bodies to display the proof that they were wronged and this is what happened thanks to the offender.

This is a glazing over a very complex issue. Although, on the surface level you can ask an obese person about their life and quite often would find experiences where they faced hardship and was not able to resolve the issue.

A free mind is a free body.

This is not a PSA on how overweight individuals have issues. I am technically overweight but I am happy with my overall size. It is an effort to point out those who are trying to lose weight without much success to reevaluate why they want to lose weight in the first place and if there is a mental pattern that they are perpetuating.

If your mind is wrecked then your body is wrecked.

Everything we do in life starts in our minds as a thought and from there we mold it until it is what we feel comfortable with at the moment. Maybe its time to reassess what you consider an acceptable image of yourself.

In the book “Psycho cybernetics” the author, Maxwell Maltz, describes changing oneself image in order to make changes to a persons life. Check it out!

Don’t go on autopilot until you learned what works for you. If you are tired of feeling bad learn how to feel good about yourself. Once you got that down the pieces you wanted to fall into place go where you want. Its all up to your decision to choose for yourself.

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If you are feeling extra generous reach out to a friend who maybe struggling with their health to check in.

Thanks for reading,


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