My butt is cleaner than yours

Imma talk about some thing kinda gross. I don’t think it is necessarily a dirty topic but it can be depending on who you talk to.


One day I had a talk with a friend and he was having a hard time pooping. I asked if he ate fiber and/or stayed hydrated.

He responded with a reluctant “Yeaaaah”.

I figured he doesn’t eat any fibrous foods like carrots, celery, kale, broccoli, etc. so I proceeded to go in about all the aforementioned items he could add to his diet which could help his bodily functions start working again. While asking him about all his choices in food and life I blurted out…

“Have you ever seen a cat wipe its butt!?…No!”

That is where my mind started replaying all the times I had seen animals out in nature doing whats natural and their butts are clean. Cats and other animals know what is best for them to eat and it shows in the way their bodies work.

Then I proceeded into why can’t we be like that?

And we can!

If you have a healthy dose of fiber by way of plants, anyone can reduce their carbon footprint by cutting down on toilet paper use (slightly kidding). The healthier we get the less mess we need to put up with (pun intended). Our bodies operate differently than animals so we must find what works best for us. And so far a plant-based diet is the healthiest. When we eat outside of our best diet we tend to have issues like the one he was having with his bowels.

For example:

Action: I eat a primarily junk food diet that consists of processed vegan food (Burritos, pizza, frozen tater tots, and ice cream)

Reaction: Half roll of toilet paper down the toilet.

Action: I eat a primarily freshly prepared plant-based meal that consists of raw and cooked fruits and vegetables.

Reaction: No need to wipe.

I am a vegan. But I am only urging you all to eat more vegetables than anything else you eat. Try it out and you will find that eating your veggies does way more than keep your backside clean.

Wishing you the best




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