The Recipe…for health

Hey everyone!

On this rainy day in California I was reminded of my blessing of health.

While moms are tending to their runny-nosed children I wondered if everyone knew the “Secret” to being invincible to everyday assaults on our health.

With that said here are some of the foundational principles that I live by while on my journey through life. Be it self inflicted or environmental.

Drink Water

I cannot preach this enough!

We have all heard the old saying that we are majority water. This is true but for some reason people think that no matter what we do to ourselves we will stay hydrated.

News Flash! We wont. We must replenish the water in our body after we have a rough workout, stressful day at the factory, stayed in a dry environment, or exerted a great mental effort. All our bodily processes need water to support proper function.

Recipe: Weigh yourself. Divide your weight by 2. Drink that number of ounces. Done

Go to Sleep

With the days being consumed by everyone else’s demands I can totally feel like there are not enough hours in a day to hangout with people I love; self included. So in an effort to maximize my time I stay up later than normal to study or watch more of my favorite shows; Game of Thrones included.

Eventually I wake up to bloodshot eyes, confusion, and a rain cloud that follows me where ever no matter how fast I run.

Your body needs time to not do ‘ish. Because while your body rests it has the chance to recover from your previous day and process food, ideas, and experiences which cannot be done efficiently while we are awake.

Recipe: Sleep before 12pm.


Imma tell you to do something so contradictory that I almost dont want to write it because some may follow the command in a moments notice and throw away the precious information I dropped earlier.

Here it is…

Stop following workouts online.

I say this because many go online for answers but they choose answers that are not right for the equation. Some people think a bodybuilding workout will get them closer to health when they have no interest in bodybuilding whatsoever! Some will put themselves through boring ass workouts that make them hate physical activity more than vegetables. (Some people still hate veggies. I know! Hella weird.)

We do need to move our bodies but on OUR terms. After that you can pour through all the online fitness trends, articles, and Instagram models as you want to find inspiration and motivation.

Bonus: Exercise clears out the stress hormone Cortisol which harms us in many ways. Look it up!

Recipe: Move your whole body in some form everyday that is enjoyable. We need to put in a little work in the beginning to find out what it is but once you get going then the pleasure will drive you to do more.

This is not by no means the end all be all list of health but you will be far better off if you start here.

I hope your days from here are full of color and health.

No more snotty noses this year!


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