Our body, what a dump!

In our body there are miles of circuitry(nerves) and different types of vessels that span its area. In an effort to give people out there a simple understanding of the way our body works I present to you a quick guide to what to do to improve yourself physically.

The main action of the body is to consume, assimilate, discard. In more layman’s terms it is eat, sleep, poop. Our body is well equipped to carry out such difficult actions with out a blink of an eye. For many healthy people, the consumption, assimilation, and removal are all at a perfect equilibrium. As for the overweight/obese, one of the previously mentioned processes are unbalanced. Over or under-consumption of one can hurt the other two steps and the same could be said about the other two steps. When ish is outta wack you will feel it! As the world eats more meat the consumption is reaching levels where the body can hardly keep up so it stores the extra protein/fat/waste as fat.

Fat is where its at. Its where everything ends up if we have one too many drinks that the body can’t remove from the body. It’s where after dinner protein shakes go when you already had a huge meal. It’s where mercury, PCBs, and pharmaceuticals hide until given a reason to jump ship.

So how does one get the ball rolling on removing toxins, and most importantly, fat?

  • Reduce the intake of food
  • Move around more for proper blood flow
  • drink plenty of water (8 glasses is way more than enough for the average dehydrated adult)
  • Eat fruits and vegetables ( my favorite!)

Do that and you will be on your way to a healthier more radiant you!

P.S. Ranch drenched veggies DOES NOT COUNT AS EATING VEGGIES! I really don’t care how you argue that one, I ain’t having it!


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