What are you trying to lose?

Every year there is a butt load of people (39.6% of adults are obese) trying to lose weight.

In all honesty I believe they are really trying to shed something more substantial.

The sense of self.

“In order for a person to become something else they must shed what they used to be.”

     -My quote until spoken for

Please forgive me if the prior statement was not properly sited. If you know the person who inspired the quote leave it in the comments so others can share and appreciate the thought provoking author.


Before the season of weight loss there is a season that we all sit and reflect on mistakes long past.

Jon Snow’s favorite season…Winter!

In the winter months a large number of people turn to food, the bottle, or others means to bringing them solace. Cuffiiiiiiiiiiiiing season!!!

But the real problem with this picture is that the people dealing with these issues are not allowing themselves to take stock of what side of their lives don’t suit them any longer.

Which people are the worst for them and which ones bring them a healthy level of kickintheassness?

What behaviors are hurting instead of building them up?

This in reality is the weight we need to shed. And with this weight we shed our beliefs that may very well be the source of our uncontrollable binging of booze, food, and episodes of reality television.

“Work on that ass and it will help you bounce back”


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