Vegan State of Mind

This week I been asked about being a vegan a whole lot more. Mainly because I have been more open to the questions. Normally I would avoid the Q and A because some people feel like I’m judging them before I say a word.

You’re a vegan! Oh you’re healthy! (sarcastic tone included)

Or it can be a barrage of questions that they have no intention on hearing the answer for. Kinda like when your friend is asking a question for the sole purpose of having you ask them a question. And as soon as you slip up and ask, the outpouring of their life story is dumped on you with no regard to what you just said.

Friend 1: “How was your weekend?”

Friend 2: “I had a rough weekend. My dog is sick. How about…”

Friend 1: “I thought you’d never ask! blah blah blah me me me… Do you think I’m fat? Should I wear this shirt? Why are girls so mean to me? yadayadayada”

So in an attempt to answer questions that no one really wants to hear, but swear they do, I will leave this on the web as a record for when questions really need to be answered.

Is being vegan healthy?

Nope. If you are a greedy ass you will find a way to do it on any meal plan.

Why did you go vegan?

Cause I didn’t want to live like the people who aren’t.

How can you be Black and not eat fried chicken? ( Yes, someone asked me this)

Chicken is not synonymous with the Black community just like rice isn’t synonymous with the Asian community. Food is food and if it allows me to feel like my best self, disease-free, then bring it on!

Where do you get your protein?

I have no idea. I just eat food.

Whats vegan?

Abstaining from using animals as a source of consumption. Yes, fish are animals. Anything not an animal is vegan. Fruits, vegetables, grains, water, air, etc.

Would you ever go back to eating animals?

I’m performing at peak levels eating plant-based so I would definitely say no.

Don’t you miss the taste of animals? Vegan food has no flavor.

You are misguided. Have you ever heard of seasnin’?! You sprinkle salt or saute your meat in garlic right? Then why cant it be done for vegetables?

Its cool. If you ever go an extended amount of time without eating meat you will actually taste food as it really is. Fruits will be sweeter. Vegetables will have depth of flavor. Meat….meat….meat will taste like a bag of farts.

If you are in need of help getting on the plant based path all it takes is a complete transformation of thinking.

“If one is to seek their enjoyment and satisfaction from eating another conscious being then how long before your brethren are on the menu”

Chew on that.


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